Our History & Our Future

Schuylkill County Timeline

1918 - The Pottsville Chamber of Commerce was created, later changing its name to Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce in May 1982.

1922 - J.H. Zerby publishes Pottsville's first local morning newspaper.

1934 - John O'Hara's first novel, "Appointment in Samarra," is published. 

1937 - Pottsville's City Hall is dedicated.

1943 - The government takes control over the coal mines, including Schuylkill County's anthracite operations, when miners walked out on strike.

1949 - Pottsville Boulevard (Route 61) opens.

1952 - President Harry Truman visits Pottsville to campaign and is the only incumbent president to visit Schuylkill County.

1957 - King Saud of Saudi Arabia and his son Prince Mashur, who suffered a childhood illness, visit Schuylkill Haven. President Dwight D. Eisenhower recommends Walk In's Sabel shoes.

1959 - Zerbey Airport is dedicated. 35,000 vehicles and 50,000 people attend.

1962 - A trash fire in Centralia ignites the Mammoth vein of anthracite coal that still burns today. 

1972 - Locust Lake Park Opens.

1977 - Cressona's ALCOA stops operations.

1986 - John F. Kennedy, Jr. visits John S. Clarke Elementary School in Pottsville.

1995 - Mother Teresa visits Mahanoy City.

1997 - The Vietnam Memorial in Schuylkill Haven is dedicated.

1998 - D.G. Yuengling and Son builds a new brewery in Port Carbon.

2000 - A Douglas Fir from the Auburn Christmas Tree farm is chosen for the Clinton White House. 

2013 - Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce moves to Union Station.

2014 - Yuengling Ice Cream returns.

2018 - The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce celebrates their 100th year anniversary.

The Schuylkill County of today continues to build on the area's legacy of industrial might with thriving and diverse economic development.  

The county's economy has historically included a wide variety of businesses, from industry to agriculture. Location and natural resources drove both employers and employees to Schuylkill County in the past, and still does today. 

"Centuries ago we were in the heart of the nation, sitting on a great fuel source commodity of anthracite coal," says Robert S. Carl, Jr., President and CEO of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce. 

As the third largest county in Pennsylvania, agricultural production, from cattle and corn to potatoes to Christmas trees, has been a common thread throughout the years. 

On top of that, companies, including WalMart, Lowes, Big Lots and Wegmens, operate distribution centers in the area. The service industry has grown tremendously in recent years and now is a main staple of the Schuylkill area business community. The region is also home to manufacturers too. 

"We have many Fortune 500 companies in our area, especially in logistics," says Carl. 

Schuylkill County will continue to build on its history as a vibrant region known for its work ethic and quality of life. Residents take pride in hospitals offering high-quality care and schools preparing students for academic and career success. Numerous opportunities in higher education ensure the advancement of a new generation of leaders.

"We will continue to grow," says Carl. "We will continue to transition with the industry demands around us, just as we have in the past".

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