The discovery of Anthracite coal brought ethnic and religious diversity to Schuylkill County. The religious traditions of today are as reverent and significant as they were 100 years ago.

The ridges of northern and western Schuylkill County are dotted with towns such as Ashland, Shenandoah and Mahanoy City where early community life was centered around the church. Many of the original churches, rich with architectural character and fond memories, have been well-maintained and remain as the gathering place for faith communities who share their beliefs in very spiritual experiences.

Schuylkill County's religious community represents every major denomination. A large Catholic community traces its roots to the missionary work of Saint John Neuman, who assisted in the formation of the first Catholic parishes in Schuylkill County. Protestant denominations have their heritage based on the first German settlers who came to the region in the early 1700's.

Many religious faiths are represented in the Schuylkill County population. The strong ethnic traditions that are present in the county add to the quality of life and diversity of the Schuylkill experience. The traditional values that make Schuylkill County such a unique community in today's America started generations ago when the first settlers arrived here and brought with them a strong religious commitment which continues today.