The average cost of utilities in Schuylkill County are below the national average.

Schuylkill County offers modern, efficient utility services to commercial, industrial and residential consumers. Cost averages are significantly below national figures and lower than those in the Northeastern states.

Electricity - Electricity is delivered by PPL Electric Utilities, whose delivery rates are below the average for the Mid-Atlantic region. All customers have the choice of buying energy from PPL or choosing a competitive supplier, and many businesses in the company's service area have chosen to switch. Information on licensed energy suppliers and their offers is available at, a website operated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. PPL Electric Utilities also offers a variety of rebates and programs to help businesses save energy; visit for more information.

Gas - Competitively priced natural gas is available from UGI Central Penn Gas, Inc.. Rate options in the form of firm, interruptible or transportation services are available. In addition, multiple pipeline companies supply PPL Utilities, thereby helping to assure reliability and competitive pricing.

Water - Abundant supplies of water are available through local water companies. The Schuylkill County Municipal Authority is the major supplier of water in the county. Other municipal authorities serve regional communities. All of the public water sources are filtered, meeting federal safe drinking water standards. Many large users of water use a combination of wells, storage tanks and reservoirs for a balanced water supply system.

Sewage - Schuylkill County is served by a number of sewage authorities that operate collector and treatment systems in their respective areas at reasonable rates.

Solid Waste - Schuylkill County recently revised its solid waste plan. Two lined landfills are now in operation in the County Solid Waste Plan. Schuylkill County has landfill capacity for at least another 10 years at competitive prices. In addition, the county has an aggressive recycling program in operation that is reducing landfill requirements while recapturing valuable materials.

Communications - An advanced communication infrastructure serves the region. Digital, fiber-optic, traditional copper and coax, cellular and mobile wireless and microwave transmission technology are in use. The telecommunications network infrastructure, including fiber-optic cabling, wireless communication towers, private networks and in-building networks, are state-of-the-art. Tariff rates are among the lowest in Pennsylvania. Teleconferencing facilities are available including one at SEDCO/Schuylkill Chamber Conference Center, one at Penn State Schuylkill and another at the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29.

Schuylkill County is positioned to provide efficient communications to meet today's business requirements for voice, data and video communications.