Most Schuylkill County businesses are not large enough to afford the services of human resource managers or consultants, yet face many of the same regulatory and reporting requirements of larger firms that have expert services available to them.

ReDCo Group Workforce Investment Networks and the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce have assembled a spectrum of job training and human resource services that can assure enrolled members the best hiring practices, policy development and information to manage your business.

With full utilization of Job Training and Human Resources Program services, employers can concentrate on the management of their business without being preoccupied with all of the nuances and intricacies of current personnel practices. Employers participating in this program will save time and money by having a Personnel Policy Program in place, and by developing an action plan for employee hiring, job upgrading and benchmark comparison. Schuylkill Job Training & Human Resources Support Program is a package of comprehensive services, designed to meet the needs of Schuylkill County employers, delivered free of charge to all businesses who voluntarily enroll in this program. Among the services offered are:

Job Identification System - A comprehensive computer program that provides career, vocational and occupational information that matches employer's needs with applicant's skills for specific occupation and actual jobs. This user friendly system features an occupational database of 12,741 jobs represented in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Job Match Program - Businesses have the option of having all the jobs within the workplace identified and cataloged within a computer database. Occupational exploration, transferable skills analysis and job interests are among the factors identified for employer reference. The potential for development of a continuing employer service that includes matching job openings with applicant skill, allowing a rapid response to employer job openings. Employers save time and money in the hiring process. The result is the best available employee for the job.

On The Job Training Program - Employers enrolled may be eligible for On The Job Training Programs that can save up to 50% of your cost in training new employees. The employer maintains control of the employee selection process. Training can be conducted at the work site and paperwork requirements are minimal. Additional employer federal and/or state tax credits may also be available.

Sample Personnel Practice Policies - Includes language for policy manuals, assistance with job description development that meets federal requirements and limited consultation on personnel issues.

Wage and Fringe Benefit Information - Developed from a business survey of participating Schuylkill County businesses, employers are able to compare their wage and benefit programs with other participating employers in the county.

Your Personal Job Training & Human Resources Support Program Representative - A personal representative is assigned to assist enrolled businesses in preparing for full participation in this innovative program for local business enterprise. An employer enrollment form is available for your convenience as part of this brochure. *A service fee may be charged for selected services.

Employer Benefits - Employers can have confidence in knowledge that job training and human resource issues are now manageable, the best qualified applicants are referred for interview, and that appropriate policies are available to protect employer interests and investment.

Employer Enrollment - Schuylkill County employers interested in receiving all of the benefits contained in the Job Training and Human Resources Program must complete an enrollment form that will assist in delivering covered services. The enrollment form offers program service options designed to improve business management potential. Upon receipt of the employer enrollment form the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce will assure the assignment of your personal program representative from the Schuylkill Employment and Training staff.

Additional program partners may participate in the program, including the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), the Pennsylvania Bureau of Employment Services and the Northeast PA Manufacturers and Employers Association. The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce is responsible for delivery of the personnel practices and wage and benefit survey information portion of the program, and for the promotion and coordination of this program to the Schuylkill County business community. An employer enrollment form follows.


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