Footprint In Our Region

At Wegmans, they believe that their commitment to Sustainability—making decisions that promote the long term well-being of our people, the environment and our company—is one of the ways they make a difference in the communities they serve. It's just the right thing to do!

In 1916, John Wegman opened the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company, which marks the beginning of Wegmans Food Markets. A few years later, John and Walter Wegman purchased the Seel Grocery Co. and expand operations to include general groceries and bakery operations. In 1937, Robert Wegman joined the company and in 1940, frozen foods appear at Wegmans. When Robert Wegman's uncle died in 1950, Robert became president of the entire company at the age of 31. When he took the helm, Robert Wegman decided his goal was to build the finest supermarket chain in the land--even if that meant Wegmans wouldn’t be the fastest-growing company. One of the first things he did was to raise all salaries. He believed that if a company wants its employees to care about customers, then the company has to care about the employees' needs.

In 1953, Wegmans announces a broad program of employee benefits for their more than 350 full-time employees. In 1961, Wegmans joins Staff Supermarket Associates to obtain their own "Staff" brand for private label products ranging from frozen food to sponges and in 1964, Danny Wegman joined the company. In 1967, Robert Wegman was elected President of the Super Market Institute, a worldwide food research and education association with more than 890 retail and wholesale food companies as members. In the 1970s, Wegmans began food bank donations.

Fifteen years later, the Wegmans Federal Credit Union began daily operation on August 1. As a non-profit financial institution, it is committed to providing higher dividends on savings and lower-interest loan rates. The Wegmans Federal Credit Union was formed as an employee benefit to provide an alternative to traditional banks. Within its first six months of operation, it grew from a $ 5.00 credit union to one with over $1.5 million in assets. In 1990, Wegmans introduced Shoppers Club, an electronic discount program, as an alternative to coupon clipping. Wegmans Brand Organic products were introduced in 2003.

In 2005, Wegmans was named the #1 company to work for by FORTUNE Magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Three years later, Wegmans announced the decision to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products, and introduced a smoking cessation program for employees. In 2010, the Wegmans Mobile App made its debut. Today, Wegmans offers services including pharmacy, gift cards, shoppers club, business program, Upromise, floral, and catering. Currently, Wegmans has 88 stores in 6 states, including Pennsylvania, and they are working every day to open more stores in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

Within Wegmans distribution division, they give incredible customer service every day to their 80+ stores through the teamwork and dedication of our multiple departments that include Distribution Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation. Currently, they have 12 distribution centers located in both Rochester, New York and Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Their Pottsville, PA distribution center alone (called Retail Service Center) is nearly a million square feet in size. Their teams are responsible for accurate and on-time selection, distribution and transportation of the thousands of products sold in their stores every day.

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