Sterman Masser

Footprint In Our Region

Sterman Masser, Inc., and the Masser family have been growing and delivering quality potatoes to the nation's finest retailers and foodservice operators for over 8 generations. Located in the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch region of the Hegins and Lykens Valleys, Masser Potato Farms combines years of potato farming experience with today's newest technology to deliver the best quality potatoes at the best value. With integrated state-of-the-art operations, sustainable agricultural and supply chain practices, innovative new products, best-in-class category management, and customized marketing solutions, the Masser team delights their consumers and customers and delivers profitable category growth.

Our sister company, Keystone Potato Products, launched in 2003 and located in Hegins, is one of the industry's most advanced potato processing plants in the country. Keystone is committed to sustainable solutions including utilizing the gas extracted for the neighboring landfill to generate steam in the 800 hp boiler for many of the heating, peeling, cooking and drying operations at the plant, treating all process water used for washing, cleaning, cooking and other processes by state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, and utilizing peel waste generated from the potato peeling process for livestock feeding programs, eliminating its disposal in a landfill.

We are committed to growing and bringing to market safe, high quality, nutritious, convenient, and delicious food in a sustainable, responsible way while strengthening and supporting our communities. This purpose-driven approach has allowed Sterman Masser, Inc. to thrive as an independent, family-owned, agriculturally based company for multiple generations. Our heritage is the foundation upon which our Vision for the future, our service-based Mission, and our Core Values are built, so that we can continue to strengthen and support our community and make a difference in the world around us for generations to come.

At Masser Potato Farms, "community" includes our employees, our neighbors, the towns and cities where we live, work, and play, our business partners and our consumers. For our employees, we provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace with opportunity for training, development, and professional growth. We are proud to live and operate in the beautiful Schuylkill County, and we know our continued success depends on insuring a vibrant, healthy, stable community and economic opportunities that will attract and retain current and future generations of employees and their families. It's a responsibility that we embrace and enjoy and is expressed through generous donations of time, talent, product and financial support by members at all levels of the Sterman Masser Potato Farms team. An example of our community service is our annual Hot Potato 5K Run/Fun Walk held the second weekend in June. The event has the goal of raising the funds necessary to design, construct and maintain a local community center to serve the greater needs of the Tri-Valley area.

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