Schuylkill Leadership is a program designed and sponsored by the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce to ensure that the new, able, resourceful and vigorous leadership will be continuously added to our community. The program will help students understand the problems and opportunities we face in deciding the future of Schuylkill County. 

By seeking out and identifying capable men and women in the community and involving them in a formalized program that introduces them to the vital issues affecting our communities, Schuylkill Leadership sets a course for their active participation in community affairs to address the identified issues and find solutions for them. With the entire county as the classroom, participants explore vital topics facing the community.  The curriculum combines exposure to issues through information sharing and practical learning experiences. Sessions cover such topics as: community and economic development, technology; government, Schuylkill County history, diversity, media, leadership skills, education, agriculture, environment, healthcare, and trusteeship. 

The 10 full-day sessions run from March through June. Seminars are conducted by experienced leaders working in each of the fields of interest.  Seminar leaders encourage candidate involvement in the sessions as a way to gain new perspectives on community issues.  Programs are conducted at various sites throughout the county. Working together and shaping a new generation of leaders to build a better Schuylkill County is what Schuylkill Leadership is all about.  The program has been producing leaders since 1991 and has over 600 graduates!

Schuylkill Leadership Class of 2021 - Class is NOW forming! Contact Kelly Preneta at for your application. Scholarship opportunities may be available for your organization. Please note your interest in receiving a scholarship on your application. Scholarships are made available through the Schuylkill Chamber Foundation.