The ChamberChoice portfolio includes various health and employee benefits insurance solutions, a dedicated Client Resource Center Human Resources tools, a competitive Energy Savings program, a Business Insurance program with dividend potential, and a myriad of discount programs including equipment for cellular devices.

We are committed to the communities in which we serve. And, we continually work in partnership with local Chambers of Commerce to ensure the portfolio offers a diverse suite of valued products and services that benefit local businesses.

Finally, CCSC’s overall objective with local Chambers of Commerce is to help businesses and communities to achieve and maintain success.

ENERGY PROGRAM - In partnership with World Kinect Energy Services, ChamberChoice is pleased to offer Chamber members more options and a no-cost consultative review of natural gas and electric bills.

EMPLOYER SPONSORED HEALTH INSURANCE - Health insurance has changed with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. ChamberChoice has responded with a product portfolio to meet the needs of chamber members and their employees, through My Benefit Advisor. MBA guides employers of all sizes through planning, communicating, and managing a successful employee benefits program.

BUSINESS INSURANCE - The ChamberChoice insurance program has paid participating members millions in dividends in the past three years, based on group premium and claims experience. Penn National Insurance is ChamberChoice's insurance partner and is a Pennsylvania-based regional carrier. 

For additional information on any of these products, contact Samantha Chivinski at or call 570-622-1942.