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The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving its members and affiliates with value-added programs and services, and improving the quality of life and economic vitality of our county.


About the Chamber

The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce has been serving Schuylkill County since 1918.

In its early days, the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce, known as the Pottsville Chamber, and later the Greater Pottsville Chamber of Commerce, concentrated in helping area residents obtain jobs and support downtown business districts activities.

In the 1950's, as a means to diversify the employment base in the region, the Chamber aided in establishing the Greater Pottsville Industrial Development Corporation. Other Chamber initiatives during that time included: the establishment of the Zerbey Airport at Mount Pleasant; starting a work program that included promotion of the Lakewood Playhouse; downtown Pottsville renewal program; the promotion of a Pottsville Parking Authority; establishment of an Area Vocational-Technical School; and the need for professional planning offices for both city and county government.

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  • While recently attending a Chamber/ Affiliate meeting, it was recommended that I take advantage of the FREE advertising provided by Schuylkill Chamber each Friday in the Weekend Update.  I posted an invitation for my upcoming Doncaster Seasonal Trunk Show and offered a discount.  By noon on the day the e-mail was released, I received a call from a perspective new client who scheduled her appointment to see the Spring and Summer Collection and to learn more about “Your One-Stop Shopping Experience.”Thanks SCC for the Free Advertising – It works!

    Carol Ascione

    Image Consultant

  • Being a member of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce has really benefitted Hawk Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America. Not only do they conduct very professional events, the Chamber has provided and continues to provide networking and educational programs that are informative as well as instructive. The Chamber staff is very supportive to our organization. At times, we have relied upon the Chamber and its exceptional facilities and hospitality to conduct our own executive programs. The leadership and counsel the Chamber staff provides is always helpful and intuitive. We look forward to our continued partnering with the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce in the years to come.

    David L. Muldowney

    Executive Staff
    Hawk Mountain Council
    Boy Scouts of America

  • The Pottsville Campus of McCann School of Business & Technology was honored to be able to host a Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce Breakfast which provided a platform for us to showcase our facility and services to the leaders of well over 50 community businesses.  Not only was the turnout for the event impressive, but the media coverage from the event was priceless.  In addition, the Chamber Staff took care of absolutely every detail making for a very smooth and successful endeavor. I would highly recommend hosting a Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce event at your business.

    Shannon Brennan, M.Ed.

    McCann School of Business & Technology

  • The non-profit lunch and lunch was a valuable learning experience. The SCORE presentation helped to remind me that mission statements, by-laws and policy and procedure practices need to be reviewed regularly for a non-profit to really thrive. The presence from both Schuylkill County’s newest and oldest non-profits provided a balanced perspective of the deep non-profit traditions in Schuylkill County as well as what the future holds for the emerging non-profits just beginning to spread their roots. I look forward to remaining engaged in the non-profit conversations at the Chamber.

    Kelly K. Malone

    Executive Director, Schuylkill United Way

  • One of the benefits of Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce membership is the opportunity to meet other Chamber members and build relationships and grow business. Recently Edwards Business Systems’ Mike Keeney called on Barry Newswanger of Newhurst Inc. Barry’s company is a provider of transportation services in the Pine Grove Area. Newhurst’s copier lease was coming to an end and Barry asked Edwards Business toprovide a quotation for the replacement. In conversation, Barry mentioned that his present supplier was from outside of the area, but that he really didn’t have any serious issues with them. When reviewing Edwards Business Systems’ proposal ( which was very competitive!), Mike pointed out that Edwards is a fellow Chamber member. Barry’s response was with all things being equal he would prefer to do business with a fellow Chamber member! As a result, Barry was able to upgrade his equipment at a savings, improved response time when service is needed and receive better customer service. The result was that Edwards Business gained a new customer. Chamber membership created a win-win for both companies.

    Edwards Business Systems & Newhurst, Inc.

  • Leadership is an excellent opportunity to get outside of our little boxes and experience all of what Schuylkill county has to offer. It always amazes me how I when I run into one of my fellow 2014 classmates, I immediately feel a certain connection with them. To me, that’s what leadership is about. Making a connection that last a lifetime.

    Mark Brobst

    SAPA Extrusions
    Schuylkill Leadership Class of 2014